about our Project

our goals

create a self sustaining portfolio with endless knowledge while trading with the simplest of concepts

While our program sounds extremely complex- it is actually quite simple in concept.  AI StockBot collects and retains historical data as far back as 1916 until current, even monitoring realtime news, online forums, live televeision, and even using speech recognition technology to listen to live earnings calls.

It then uses this information to adjust it’s algorithms to execute trades based on the simplest of concepts:  Buy low and sell high.

When AI StockBot predicts a downward trend in a stock price, it prepares to buy in limited quantities as the price decreases.  When the bot detects a reversal trend, it will either hold or make a larger share purchase to sell at the next peak.

built for robinhood & interactive brokers

our bot avoids service disruptions

AI StockBot runs two concurrent connections and evenly balances funds between Robinhood and IBKR to ensure trades are executed regardless of service status at a single broker.  When one broker is offline or overloaded, orders are routed to the other.  When all services are functional, orders are evenly split to maintain equal balances.

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