New Features: Fixed Income, Tax Loss Harvesting, & More

The bot has adopted it’s own learning algorithms in recent weeks and begun to allocate funds into additional investment vehicles, including bonds, LLP’s, and preferred/convertible stocks. This new portfolio segment for fixed income is being held and traded through Merrill Edge, a self directed broker owned by Merrill Lynch.

In addition, the program is now calculating tax liability and determining the best practices for lowering tax liabilities based on TYD earnings. With this, the bot determines dividend reinvestment (DRIP) options for each position held, taking into account current price, earnings, expected growth, and tax implications of the dividend. The system then determines if the dividend will be most profitable being reinvested, taken in cash, or allocated to a different position (or a combination of the three).

The largest and most important update for the month has been the new “live learning and monitoring” ability, which has recently adapted from only news and earnings calls, into analyzing legislation proposals (such as the infrastructure bills and world tax proposals), calculating the probability of each item passing based on historical voting records for government leaders, and analyzing self determined simulations of the the effects on individual investments. Along with crunching data regarding bills and laws, the bot now predicts, listens, and adapts instantly to Federal Reserve updates, unemployment/jobs creating reports, manufacturing reports, retail numbers, and GDP/trade updates.