System Update: Holding Pattern Continues

Our software continues to run and function as intended, albeit no trading activity in nearly two weeks. Currently the automated portfolio is still maintaining around a 96% cash reserve indicating the artificial intelligence is still predicting further drops in market prices as of May 13th, 2021.

In project news, we are working with a legal expert in SEC compliance and developing a roadmap to allow investing in our portfolio. As of now, our best option appears to be a private hedge fund, which comes with it’s own set of challenges and regulations but will be the fastest and more straight-forward approach to allowing others to join in to our system.

We have hired an additional developer to assist with the live dashboard and are expecting some progress within the next few weeks! For now, the easiest method of tracking our trades is by going to our Performance & Status page or visiting our profile on StockTwits. Trades on these feeds are typically updated within 1-2 minutes of execution.

Stay tuned for more news and announcements in the coming weeks. Happy trading to all- thank you for the support and patience as we create our new platform!