AI StockBot Begins Phase III Preparations

On 4/26/2021, AI StockBot began it’s automatic portfolio movements in preparation of beginning Phase III of the project roadmap.

These changes included closing out all open positions on 4/23. On the morning of 4/26, at the commence of the trading session, the bot bought in to 18 sector and index ETF’s- a move the developer was not anticipating until June, 2021. This move places the project approximately one month ahead of schedule.

Our analysis indicates the bot is currently buying, but in a cautious manner- leaving larger than normal cash reserves in the portfolio. This leads us to believe our software is anticipating a drop in market prices within a short time frame, where it will make larger share orders and rebalance to negate any short term losses.

We here at AI Stockbot are working diligently on a realtime dashboard and are hoping to have it available within the next week or two. Plans have not been set in stone, but we may offer membership levels (both free and paid levels) to allow our followers to trade with us in real time.

As our roadmap and bot completes it’s learning cycle, the possibility is real that we will begin offering investment opportunities in our portfolio. We are researching regulations and insurance requirements to make this happen!

Stay tuned, and happy investing to all!