years of data

AI StockBot has analyzed news, events, and price history from 1916 to now

As news is released online and over-the-air through television, AI StockBot takes realtime actions to update it’s algorithms

Using it’s database of historical news and market reactions, AI StockBot is able to instantly react to breaking and changing news to accurately predict and execute trades faster than a human can react.

Monitoring worldwide news in realtime

35 live tv sources •
Over 2000 websites •

live updates and stats coming soon

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Live Trading began 03.08.2021
Current state: Phase II

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portfolio return as of 04/16/2021

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Phase I

The first phase of the AI StockBot learning path was completed on March 7th, 2021. This phase involved testing API functionality, executing test trades, and analyzing trillions of pieces of information from historical records, charts, and news databases.

Phase II

This process involves actively trading index funds, training smart algos, and improving text & speech recognition capabilities. The bot is constantly rebalancing it's portfolio and executing daytrades with the goal of beating index performance.

Phase III
expected 6/1/2021

This step involves moving investments into sector and industry specific ETF's and index funds as the program continues to analyze performance and adapt to make smarter predictions for long term investments. During this phase active trading continues.

Phase IV
Date unknown

The final step of the AI StockBot program will commence when the system itself determines it is a smart and lucrative time to make a bulk buy into individual stocks. Upon Phase 4 activation, the program will continue to actively day trade and invest in realtime while monitoring 1000's of stock & ETF prices.